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Today’s post will have equal parts of nostalgia and fanservice. My friend Caflos has been thinking for a long time to get miniatures from Infinity’s Japanese Sectorial Army (now known as Japanese Seccesionist Army) or JSA for shorts, and make them look like characters from the manga/anime Saint Seiya. This request was made a long ago, but I didn’t get permission to publish it until it was fully painted.

Caflos got his ninja from the Red Veil box for Infinity, and he asked me to model a pair of chains arround her forearms, just like Shun, knight of Andromeda from the show:

Imagen relacionada

Shun (Knight of Andrómeda) from Saint Seiya

The miniature I had to convert was this one:


Ninja with tactical bow. Image from Human Sphere website.

To do so, I modelled a pair of chains from greenstuff, and then I just wrapped her forearms with them, mantaining which one was for which arm ( the triangular tipped one on the right arm, the circle tipped one on the left). Once placed there I just fleshed them out a bit:

The rest of the pictures with the process were lost when my phone broke, you’ll have to make do with this one…

Everything was ready to be assembled and painted by Erik, whose painting skills are still supperb. This ninja has been painted with Andromeda’s armor color scheme to make her more relatable. Here’s the final result (and please let me apologize for the quality, I’ll try to shoot some photos from my cammera):

It seems the circular tip broke off during the painting process. What a shame…

Next week we’ll have more cameos from this classic manga/anime saga. Be on the look out!

‘Till next time!

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