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Keeping up with last week’s theme, here’s another conversion for my friend Caflos for Infinity the game. As you already know, my friend wants his Japanese Secesionist Army (JSA) to look like characters from Saint Seiya. This week’s spotlight is for the main character himself. Seiya, Pegasus knight:

Resultado de imagen de pegasus seiya

The one chosen this time for the conversion was Yojimbo, a mercenary who supports the Japanese cause:

Yojimbo, mercenary sword. Image from Corvus Belli’s online store.

This time arround, I was only tasked on converting the one riding the bike, and the request was simple enough. I just had to convert the helmet on the rear of the bike with the one on Seiya’s armor. This time I was lucky enough to recover the pictures I had from when my mobile phone broke, so I can show you the full process of it.

First thing I did was to remove the front plate of the helmet and carve it a bit to have it with a right shape. After that I used plasticard sheets to create a base structure where I would later build uppon:

As it is now, it looks like a helmet from another classic anime, Gatchaman.

Once glued in place, I just modelled all the helmet’s main frame:

And as allways, a blob of greenstuff over mi nail. Classic.

Last thing that remained was to model some details. I used some plasticard as a base for the wings, and at last some finishing details on the helmet:

Modelling those wings gave me more than one headache…

I had the miniature ready, it was time for Erik to paint it. Here’s the final result:

Pegasus, give me your power! Although I don’t think Yojimbo would be a guy who screams that

This is the last Saint Seiya based conversion for Caflos I’ve done for now. If he requests me more minis to convert, I’ll post it here.

’till next time!

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