Female MK4 posthuman with HMG

Greetings everyone!

Here’s another quick conversion I made for my Aleph army for Infinity the game that I did a while ago. In this case, this is another female MK4 Posthuman to accompany my other one I did a while ago on this older entry. Once again, the base miniature I chose was another Riot Grrl from the Nomads faction, the older models to keep coherency in size with the last one I converted:


Riot Grrls. Image from Human Sphere website.

I chose the one holding the knife, one that my friend Pascu was kind enough to give me (thanks a lot Pascu, you know I owe you one) for this conversion. As I already had established the general look for the MK4 thanks to the older one I converted, it was easy to go arround this time. I just had to add her an Aleph HMG (sawed off clean from the cold hands of the original MK4 Posthuman), and I also modelled her a pistol on her left hand instead of the knife. Here’s the final result:

New scale weapons look weird on the old scale models, but I had no time to model her a new one from scratch.

And here’s a family shot, posing with her good friend with the heavy rocket launcher. Take a look on the antennas of their helmets, and how I decided to change both to make it look different from the real Riot Grrls:

Ah… If I just could field them both at the same time…

As you can see, this was a quick and good looking conversion, I finally have converted all types of posthumans to their female counterparts.

I hope you all enjoyed it, we’ll se again next week with more conversions!

‘Till next time!

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