Crazy Manel (Part 1)

Greetings everyone!

Let’s change subjects from my recent posts. Today I’ll be showing an original miniature that came from a joke with my pal Manel. Like me, Manel also plays Punkapocalyptic, but his band is the Black Blood Children, some weird cultists who are obsessed with gasoline, and with Mad Max looks. Manel’s quite thin, even to the point that we usually joke that he would fit in nicelly in the setting, and being the cat lover he is, he would throw cats to attack people like a crazy old woman. He even asked, I thought as a joke, to make him a model of himself throwing cats.

However, a few days later, he asked me about my progress with his mini, and I replied: “So it wasn’t a joke, was it?” and suddenly I had a new project to work with, in this case model a mini from scratch. First thing I did was a quick sketch of what he wanted to see what we could do with it. This was the result:

In the wild Wastes, you cannot even trust cats.

But once I started to prepare the structure for the model, I realized two issues. The first one was that the mini was too static, it lacked any motion of being throwing cats, and also it didn’t show the “kamikaze, cat -throwing cultist” he wanted, so I slightly changed the pose and then I got on to it:

I could have left it like that and it would already be as thin as the original

Now that the pose was set, I started modelling some details to the face, and adding (very little) volume to this miniature. It’s the first time I’ve modelled a character as thin as this one, with very little muscle and his ribbs showing under his skin, but I got good results overall:

I don’t know if it is a human or a mutard.

Let’s wrap it up for today. Next week I’ll show you the finished model for Crazy Manel, the third “crazy” who roams the wastes, along with Crazy Mel and Crazy Caflos.

‘Till next time!

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