Crazy Manel (Part 2)

Greetings everyone!

Let’s keep up with Crazy Manel’s mini I shown you in my last post. As it was since last time, I started modelling belts arround his waist and chest, the base layer for the boots, and also the cats and his halds holding them… But because I used the wrongo wire by mistake to use it as a base for the hands, the left had ended up like this:

Strong Arm legend is reborn!

Realizing my mistake on which scale to use, I just decided to cut it off and start anew:

High five!

With a propper sized hand, it was time to finish the cat being held in the right hand, modelling a coffee thermo that would hang from his belt on the waist, and finally I modelled the hand being thrown by his left hand. As a finishing touch, I added some plates of armor to give some volume to the overall figure (let’s be honest, it was almost bone and skin with no meat). This is the final result:

No coffee and no tobaco, makes Manel throw his cat-o

I’ve got to admit that this mini took longer than it should because of personal issues I had in between. Also, Manel likes to tease me every time, and was anoying me all the time about how the miniature was, and complaining that he would never have a miniature of himself. That’s why, when I finished it, I didn’t tell him for another two weeks, just to pay him back. Once he has his miniature based and painted, I’ll ask him to take some pictures just to show how it ended up.

I hope you all enjoyed it, I’ll see you everyone next week for more conversions!

‘Till next time!

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