Big Punka Daddy

Greetings everyone!

Today’s conversion comes from my Junkers band for Punkapocalyptic, Badroll Games’ pimpiest post-apocalyptic game. Junkers have access to a troop called “Piston” that can be armed with a harpoon gun and metallic armor, just as you can see below:

Piston with harpoon gun and metallic armor. Image from Badroll Games’ online store.

As I saw it, there was only one character in my mind to convert this mini as:Resultado de imagen de big daddy

Big Daddy from Bioshock videogame.The big, strong (and quite fatherly) Big Daddy, one of the strongest and most dangerous enemies in Bioshock, which are in charge of guarding their Little Sisters at the underwater city of Rapture. There’s usually two types of Big Daddies: Those armed with a huge drill on their arm, and those armed with a rivett gun. As you might think, this conversion was going to be pretty easy. I just had to remove one hand from the original mini to swap it with a giant drill, and then adding a second deposit at his back, where they usually defend everything their Little Sister finds. This is the end result:

Simple but flashy, I did almost zero conversion on the arm holding the gun.

Once finished, and seeing that the base was too empty, I added some greenstuff strings and sculpted some algae arround:

Testing my new lightbox. Not bad, although I have to get better at focusing my shots.

Next week, If there’s no other setback (I had to disassemble my PC thrice last week) I’ll be showing you my lastest project for Infinity, which I must admit has been quite greedy, but ended up nice. Don’t miss it!

‘Till next time!

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