Kurage Crisis: Kii-Thera (part 1)

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Next week, on June 25th, the next world wide campaign starts for Infinity, the wargame by Corvus Belli. This year’s event’s called Kurage Crisis, as it happens arround the Kurage station of the recently separated JSA (Japanese Secesionist Army). A month ago, at the Infinity forums started an unofficial conversion contest to show which miniature are we going to use as our leaders for our armies, and being that I need almost no reason to start converting up, I enrolled on that contest, converting one of the oldest miniatures from the current catalogue from Infinity, the Speculo Killer:

Speculo Killer. Image from Corvus Belli’s online store.

The Speculo Killer is an alien from the Shasvastii race that has the inherent ability to shapeshift into any other unit from their enemies thanks to her impersonation skill. This makes her an excellent infiltrator, staying behind enemy lines until the time to strike comes, where she kills all who opose with her lethal monofilament weapon, a blade so powerful that it can cut through any piece of armor as if it was thin air, killing any target it touches.

During this year’s events it was unveiled that a Shasvastii team was able to infiltrate planet Svalarheima, from where they’ve started their sneak and sabotage operations. This planet’s currently being “in control” (so to speak) by the two great powers of PanOceania and Yu Jing, both in a standoff for territory. It was then when I thought about having a conversion of the Speculo Killer, a miniature whose pose I’ve allways despised, as if she was in the middle of being reveiled from her impersonation. As I already have some PanOceania minis, I knew that she would impersonate someone from that faction, so having a quick glance at what I had available, I finally chose this miniature:


PanOceanian Fusiliear. Image from Human Sphere website.

In fact, I already have that miniature, so checking for reference would be much easier. This was going to be a tough conversion, as that Fusilier belongs to one of the first (if not the first) batch of miniatures fully sculpted by 3D software, instead of traditional modelling, so I would have to work extra hard to make it look like her. Also, as this was a character to last for a campaign, I had to give her a propper name. This is how Kii-Thera came to be.

First thing I did was to change the pose for the Shasvastii agent so the right side of it matched the original mini’s pose. I had to saw her arm, file all her right side to lessen her volume from her armor, and also cut most of the foot to make it more human shaped. I also used steel wire for the basis of her arm and combi rifle:

Separated at birth!

For the sword, I just removed her “light tube” from her original sword (which is quite ugly) and then just had some minor tweaks on the Yuan Yuan sword I converted for Caflos on this article, just by filing some markings, and also on the next picture you can see how I expanded de bottom part of the blade to make it look more like a Shasvastii weapon. After that, I just kept modelling the armor and some details on Kii-Thera:

I realized her back armor plate was a bit off after taking the shot, so I removed it to model it again. You’ll realize on next week’s pictures.

That’s it for today’s post. Next week I’ll be showing you how this conversion ended, and also the background story I’ve written for this character.

Don’t miss it!

‘Till next time!

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