Kurage Crisis: Worldwide campaign

Greetings everyone!

I’ll be busier this days and less active here on my blog because the global campaign for Infinity in collaboration with Beasts of War has started. This year war comes to planet Dawn in the so called Kurage Crisis:

This campaign will last for a month more or less, and as last year’s campaign, players from arround the world fight to conquest certaint territories in epic battles that will shape the future lore of the game.

I’ve decided to play this year with the Combined Army, the horrible aliens who want to conquer humanity. In the past I played with other factions, but I had to divide my attention between attacking enemy sites and also defend my own, but this year I just wanted to commit fully on attacking. Here’s the links for my reports this year. I’ll be updating them as I play more:

Operation 1 – Perimeter Occupation

Operation 2 – Shipment Hijack

Operation 3 – Comms Jamming

I hope you all enjoy my stories and the pictures of the battles I play on the campagin. And don’t remember to review and score my battle reports to get me more experience points!

‘Till next time!

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