Mr. “Strong Arm”, an Aleph’s Naga with giantism

Hi everyone!

Today I’m going to show you an “unexpected customization” for one of my miniatures. To do so, first I need to tell you a peculiar story that happened to me while playing a game of Infinity, the sci-fi wargame with manga looks by the Spanish company Corvus Belli. It happened at a friend of mine’s house. We were having a casual game at his place, I was commanding my Aleph troops (still partialy painted) against his Military Order army. Once we finished the game, I stored my miniatures in the box where I carry them and got back home.
Once I arrived and took the box out of my bagpack, while checking my miniatures, I realized with horror that one of them, a Naga hacker skirmisher, had lost his “ninja hacker arm” (you’ll see in a minute why the quotation). I called my friend to look for the arm back at his home, as it was nowhere to be found neither in the box nor the backpack, but we had no luck, so I saw the chance to do a new arm for my troop, as the original one was not working for me. Here’s a picture of the original miniature:
Naga hacker skirmisher (image from Corvus Belli’s oficial store)

For those who do not know, many of Aleph’s troops, which is the army I play with, have synthetic bodies (cyborgs if you may) controlled by an artificial intelligence called Aleph. The missing arm is the one with two extended fingers. That pose yells “so ninja” to me, and I don’t quite like it, so I decided to make a new one more to my liking. Said and done, I started by build a structure with thin wire to support the whole arm:

Does it look back, doctor? The Naga is not quite sure of it.

Once I was happy about the pose, and after laying a first layer of putty, I took a really wrong choice and I dislodged the wire-arm so I could work better on it as a separate peace. Hence it came to be what I call “Mr. Strong Arm”:

Hm… I think we’ve got the first case of giantism on a synthetic body. A bad day at the factory for the AI.

As you can see, by removing the arm I lost the scale for the whole peace, so it got “slightly” bigger than the other arm. Also the land mine he’s holding up is huge, it could almost be an anti-tank mine. Luckily, once painted it doesn’t stand out as much:

I’ll be the best at arm wrestling contests!

And with that, “Mr. Strong Arm” the Naga skirmisher got a functioning arm so he could fight again on the battlefield. But wait, every good story needs to have a final twist of events. Weeks after what happened, I returned to my friend’s home to play another game. Imagine our surprise when, while setting the folding table up for our game, embeded in the wood was the missing arm of the Naga, the paint chipped because of the friction, but nontheless intact (says that much about the hardyness of these models). I have it stored as a backup peace, just in case another troop misses an arm. Just let’s hope it is not the same Naga again.

I hope you enjoyed this entry, and please let me apologize if the quality of the pictures is not the right one. I’m still struggling with the focus of my mobile phone camera. I await for your comments, critics (please be constructive, thank you) and all details you want to know.

See you arround!

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