Shasvastii conversions

Greetings everyone!

As I told you last week, I’ve been working on some conversions for my Shasvastii army to have them ready for the Interplanetario, Infinity’s largest event organized by Corvus Belli themselves, one I will talk about in future articles.

I’ll be showcasing my conversions in the order I finished them.

Obsidion Mechanoid:

This charming “Doc Worm”, as everybody calls it, came without its left arm and I was aware of it before buying it from his previous owner, but that was not a problem for me. As the profile for this medic/engineer states, it wields a combi rifle, but it’s not present on the miniature. Being so, I borrowed a combi from one of his Cadmus collegues (he won’t be needing it any time soon) and did a simple conversion with a bit of green stuff:

“Make room for the medic or you’ll cry calling for one!”


Amongst the Shasvastii there’s a trooper called the Shrouded, expert and stealthy infiltrators and explorers. The first miniature that was produced wore nothing more than his armor and a rifle, but once they sculpted the sniper one, they gave it a cool looking cloack. As I wanted all my Shroudeds to wear that style of cloacks, this one was not going to be an exception:

It’s hard to see on these pictures, but I’m proud how the cloack flows and fits the shape of the miniature. I’m improving with flowing capes.

Missile launcher Noctifer:

Noctifers are the masters of ambushing maneuvers thanks to their thermo-optical high tech camouflage. There’s currently only one miniature of a Noctifer wielding a missile launcher, but I tend to field at least two of them, so to avoid having a shared pose between the two of them, I grabbed a Noctifer with a spitfire rifle and scratch built a missile launcher for him with spare parts and some green stuff:

Hidding in the shadows, waiting for the best moment to strike.

Aaand that’s it for today’s post. Next week I’ll have a quick update on how is the painting going on with my Shasvastii, and I’ll also show the bases I’m working on for them.

Don’t miss it!

‘Till next time!

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