Summer interlude

Greetings everyone!

I’m once again without my computer, so I’ll be talking today about certain things that will affect this blog during the next weeks.

First and foremost is that during August and part of September I’ll be on summer vacation, so the blog will recieve fewer updates (About time!). I’ll be using this vacation time to attend to the Interplanetario, Infinity’s biggest event organized by Corvus Belli themselves in Vigo, Spain. I’ve been wanting to go there for several years, and this year I got a spot on the tourney. I’m eager for next week to come! You can check it out here:

Interplanetario 2018

I’d also like to announce I’ve enrolled in a contest organized by Green Stuff World, a famous tools and materials supplier for miniature modelling. This contest is for modelling and painting miniatures, so I’ve submitted my Speculo Killer I’ve modellede recently, and that you can see fully painted here:

You can vote for me clicking on this link below:

Green Stuff World Contest

The contest ends on August 31st, so every vote you can give me will be rewarded with my eternal love and friendship (as there is little to no money to award xD).

Be kind during my vacation, and see you all arround once I get back with more customization and scratch built minis!

‘Till next time!


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