Interplanetary Vacations

Greetings everyone!

I’m finally back from my well deserverd summer hiatus. I wanted to write something during these holidays, but a series of unfortunate technical problems left me without my PC for a month. In fact I’m still having issues as I’ve done enough repairs for it to hold up, but I definetly need to buy me a new one, so please accept my apologies if some posts come out later than they should.

As I told you, this year I managed to get a place for the Interplanetario, the biggest Infinity related tournament organized by Corvus Belli along with the youth asociation Esbozos at the Vigo Sea Station. This was going to be my first year attending the event, so I was totally eager to get there. Finally, and after many hours without sleeping, I managed to get my Shasvastii painted for this tournament:

Being that Vigo is more than 1000km away from my city, I decided to take a plane, and I was surprised that I had almos zero issues in both my outward flight and my return flight. I was afraid my minis would be damaged during the flight, but other than two minis who got slightly unglued from their bases (due to faulty glue) I had no issues really.

Thursday 16th

I got to Vigo on Thursday 16th, a day before the event, so I could have a little tour arround the city, locating where the tournament was going to be held, and also to arrive rested to the event. That same night, while having my supper at the terrace of the Estrella Galicia de Vigo, I saw a big crowd of people drinking and speaking loudly about the burst of their weapons, face to face rolls and such, it was really easy to pinpoint them as Infinity players, so I joined them. I met really nice people like Leonkaos, Neo, Sirloth and many more. We had a really up beat supper, and some people wanted to stay longer (me amongst them), but I knew deep inside that if I stayed up for too late at night, I would be too tired for the tournament, so I played the good kid and went back to sleep at my hotel.

Friday 17th

The doors of the Interplanetario finally opened, and everyone went rushing for the shop to purchase the exclusive packs that were being sold there. I was tasked by some friends of mine to get various packs of the Operation Coldfront starter box (you’ll see how my suitcase ended because of that) and also getting some merchandise. I have to comment a negative here, and it was that Corvus Belli didn’t have a way of paying via credit card, so I had to run to an ATM to get a huge ammount of money out (which I don’t like to carry arround). They also gave to the tournament attendants a welcome bag with some extras, and also a miniature from the Coldfront starter… And I was lucky enough to get a Dakini Tacbot for my Aleph army!

Left side the shop line. Right side the tournament bags.

My bags were full, I had to return to my hotel and back.

Being that the tournament was starting during the afternoon, I had the whole morning to enjoy all the things that could be done there, as once in the tournament I would be unable to attend any other. My first stop was at the Remote Race fan game booth, really fun game were you race using the remotes available in Infinity. The rules were simillar to other games like Gaslands, but It had enough diferences to set it aside. I realized later that there was also a card based game of the Remote Race, but I couldn’t play it. During the first turns of the race I had a significant lead, but the other players started striking my poor remote, ending second to last:

And I had to play as a Nomad remote… I’m sorry Aleph, I promise I’ll get you in the next game.

The next game I tried was the Deathmatch, a simplified and more gruesome version of Infinity simulating videogames like Quake Arena or Unreal Tournament. Unnamed characters, loot boxes lying arround, firefights and heaps of chaos ensued. This time I was able to finally pick an Aleph character and I chose the Asura, managing to get to the second place, as the Nomad player had heaps of luck to survive what got to him:

They even took a picture of my as I was reading the loot card I just picked up.

We went to the shooting range afterwards, where we were handed a Nerf gun that shot rubber darts, and we could shoot any of the Infinity targets available:

At last my revenge against the Cateran would be fulfilled!

We then had the lunch break, and once we got back we started with the tournament. Being so, I couldn’t attend any more exhibits, and also my pictures of the Warcrow painting contest were not the best ones, so you can all see better quality ones at the official website (if they’ve already uploaded them).

At the start of each round of the tournament, they screened an episode of the parody agents Agostiño and Ahmed (or Akmed, or Agmed, as they fancied writting it) on their crazy adventures back in time. Here’s the full video of all the episodes that were screened, and that Corvus Belli was kind enough to upload:

Round 1:

Mission: Highly Classified

Rival: SirNando (Army : Japanese Seccesionist Army)

This was the table were we had the first round. It was mostly a tight game, but my dice betrayed me on some easy shots against his troops, making me lose almost all my left flank. After a very successful first attack from him, I was unable to retaliate hard enough to avoid defeat. Seing that I was losing, my third turn was quite frantic trying to do anything to recover lost points, but without success.

Round 2:

Missionn: Adquisition

Rival: Ravenhelm (Army: Generic Haqqislam)

A very tight and funny game against Ravenhelm hailing from Australia, where a couple of mistakes from my part during the last turn gave him the victory. It was a really funny game anyway, both trying crazy stuff as the dice rolled, laughing and having fun. Also, while speaking to the Infinity scene in Australia, it seems he knows (and has taken part in) the crew of the White Noise podcast, the english speaking Infinity podcast I listen to the most. If you’re reading this: I hope everything on your journey was fine, and if you can send me the picture you took of both of us!

It as definately not a good start, so I got back to my hotel room to rest for the next day, as it was going to be the hardest of the tournament.

Saturday 18th

The tournament was starting at 9 o clock on Saturday, so I got up early, had a breakfast, and got ready for whatever was waiting for me during that day:

Round 3:

Mission: Frontline

Rival: Camoure (Army: Generic Aleph)

My first game against Aleph in the tournament, although being that almos a 20% of the attendants brought that army, I was bound to have a game sooner or later. In this case it was a German girl who had some unfortunate choices during her game, but she made up for it with some good rolls. Even with that, I managed to snatch victory from her in my last order of the game, killing her Achilles with an antipersonel mine (which I had almost no faith in doing), although I didn’t earn enough points for it to be a decissive win.

Round 4:

Mission: Firefight

Rival: Polynikes (Army: Generic Combined Army)

A match against the second most used army of the event, with almost a 16% attendants (me included) carrying it. I had a match against Polynikes from California, USA, one of the hardest games I had, not only because he was an experienced player, but also because that table had a special rulling affecting the whole table where a sand storm reduced visibility excepto for certain pieces of equipment (which he had and my army has no access to), making this game extremely hard for me. It was a pretty intense game where I started scoring some critical hits and removing his most damaging troopers from the game early one, giving me the edge. But in the end I failed three rolls to try and kill his liutenant, so he had more points on the table than me, getting a victory for him.

After that match we had our lunch break and, although the restaurant we went to had some really good food, they took to long to cook it, serve it, and even to charge us, so we got 10 minutes late on our next round.

Round 5:

Mission: Supplies

Rival: Mkvenner143 (Army: Generic Aleph)

I have no pictures of this match due to the hurry I had to start de game because of arriving late. This was definitely my worst match of the whole event. My rival hailed from the UK, and had the best luck a player could have, scoring 7 critical hits with his Achilles, Aleph’s greatest soldier, against my army. I started my first turn with almost no army left, and while trying to do my part of the mission he even scored another critical hit, sending me to an unwinnable match. It was the fastest game I had, as on my second turn I only had two soldiers left on the table. I was utterly defeated, and quite frankly that game got me down because I was unable to even play or prove anything, as the dice left little to no choice.

After that game, just as a resting activity, we enrolled in a team based Trivial game abouth Corvus Belli’s two great games, Infinity and Aristeia. There were 4 teams: Rogue One, Baby Seals, Trinity and De Hell. My team, Trinity, proved to be really in sync with each other during the rounds, and even I had my moment to shine when I got up on the stage for the pantomime game about Infinity. My team was keen on acknowledging what I was trying to convey and we managed to end up first. Our reward? Candies! Does it mean that we’re now Corvus Belli’s employees as the Agostiño and Agmed video showed? We’ll never know.

And then the big event came, the Corvus Belli conference held by Carlos “Bostria” Llauger, where he showcased all the news. Most of them were already shown during the Gen Con, but they hade some hidden surprises for this event.  I filmed the whole thing and uploaded it to youtube (and yeah, I know it is filmed vertically, I realized that too late):

After the conference, there was a Cosplay contest where the few people who joined in had a prize. I’m taking notes of it as I love cosplay, and if I have enought time I’ll try to join this contest next year.

With all of that the day was comming to and end, and everyone went their way to supper and rest for the last day:

Sunday 19:

Last day of the event and only one more match left. My progress so far was awful, I had to get at least one more win to keep some of my dignity intact:o de dignidad:

Round 6:

MIssion: Supremacy

Rival: Silvestre00 (Army: Corregidor Jurisdiccional Command)

The table was not promising for this game. Also my rival lacked some experience, and was playing too slow, what made us run out of time to had the full game. Anyway I was dominating this game from the start with the typical Shasvastii mind games of having the enemy guessing whether my camo markers were really enemy soldiers or mines, and also having hidden TO camos. It was a tight victory, but one I needed to avoid getting back home in shame.

The tournament was finally over, and the prizes for the Warcrow painting contests were given (almost every prize was won by the same guy), and also for the Infinity and Aristeia tournaments. The Infinity winner for this edition of the Interplanetario was Odez playing with is Onyx Contact Force, snatching the title away from the Top 32 contest winner Utsuro playing Aleph. As for myself, I ended up on the 123rd place of 140 contestants, quite a poor performance for myself.

We went all to have dinner and rest for a while, as there was schedulled a visit suposedly at 17:00 to the Corvus Belli factory. However, once I got to the bus stop at 16:45, me and some other guys where shocked to see so little people there. After having a fell calls we realized the hour in the schedulle was wrong, and it was announced that the real time was at 16:30, but without changing either the online schedule nor putting any sort of warning posters. That got me mad, as I was eager to see the factory from inside and learn how did they work, they even sold exclusive miniatures there that I wanted to get. This was a big minus for the event that they should improve on future instances.

Being so, the ones left behind had our plans. Being that my plane wasn’t taking off until Tuesday, a pal I met there and I went on a turism spree, watching the sights and having some more of that delicious food. If something must be pointed out is how full the dishes are on the northern side of spain. Nothing to do with what is seen on the Mediterranean coast! Even my poor suitcase got some extra weight and was about to burst out:

But even being like that, it held like a champ. It earned a well deserved rest.

And that’s it, my whole Interplanetario experience. A great event that I intend on getting back next year, and I hope they make it bigger and better. Although if they make it bigger, I think they’ll have to look for another place rather than the Vigo Sea Station.

From now one we’ll be getting back to our regular blog updates every Tuesday (except for this week because of computer issues). Don’t miss all the conversions and modellings I have in store for you!

‘Till next time!

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