From Punk to Vault Dweller (Part 1)

Greetings everyone!

A friend of mine has started playing Punkapocalyptic recently, Badroll Games’ pimpiest and lethal wargame. My friend has started with a Ganger band, but he wanted also a miniature to look like a Vault Dweller from the Fallout videogame series, holding a rifle with both hands while looking far away. I liked the idea so I accepted his request. What I didn’t expect was one of his requests, and it was that the miniature he gave me to convert was a woman, but he wanted the figure to be a man. So, without expecting it I ended in the middle of a sex change operation done with metal and greenstuff.

The chosen miniature was this one:

Badass with rifle. Image from Badroll Games’ online store.

I have to admit that this miniature is one of my prefered ones from the Ganger current miniatures, and I had a struggle of some sorts just by thinking in having to change it up that much, but I’m owed to my audience, so I started cutting and filing away al the parts that were not needed:

She was going to get an extreme haircut soon enough…

To make her look like a Vault Dweller, my friend asked me to have it wear the armored jumpsuit from Fallout 3, so I took this image as my main source:

Resultado de imagen de 101 armored jumpsuit

Vault Dweller amored jumpsuit. Image taken from the Internet.

I started by modelling the pants of the jumpsuit, adding some volume to the legs as well, as she had to become a he:

It’s certainly an unnerving sight right now, having traits from both genders and none at the same time.

After that was done, I started adding some volume to the torso, I modelled sharper cheeckbones and eyebrows, and also a more square jaw to have it a masculine look. I also modelled some details to the pants:

Walking through the Wastelands that much is starting to work for his shape.

That’s it for today’s post. As I’ve almost to model it from scratch, I will make this a two part post, so it is not too much picture heavy. Don’t miss the second part next week!

‘Till next time!

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