From Punk to Vault Dweller (Part 2)

Greetings everyone!

Here’s the final instalment of the conversion from female Ganger from Punkapocalyptic to male Vault Dweller from Fallout.

Picking it up from last time, I finished modelling the hair and the upper part of the Vault Dweller jump suit, leaving room for the various belts I’d be modelling afterwards:

His hairstyle was similar to the one the Pipboy has, Fallout’s mascot.

With the belts and the shoulder armor already modelled, I could finally attach the arms to finish the conversions, but to my dismay I found out that the left arm was missing. But being that was the arm that would have the Pipboy modelled on, I just glued a metal sprue I had lying arround just as a foundation from where I would build afterwards:

I’m getting good at missing arms from minis…

Once the arms were finished I was over with the miniature. This is the final result:

Ready to hunt down super mutants while surviving the deathclaws roaming the WastelandsListo para cazar super mutantes y sobrevivir a los garras mortales del Páramo.

My friend really enjoyed the miniature once he saw it. I hope this mini makes him want to play more Punkapocalyptic games, I’m eager to see it painted. I hope you all enjoyed the process, and if you also have any Fallout themed conversion just link it on the comments down below.

‘Till next time!

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  1. Manelinho says:

    Ese amigo tiene muy buena suerte, pero más suerte tienes tú con él.

    Muy chula, Wanderer. Espero que nos pongamos de acuerdo para poder quedar y que me la des, tengo ganas de echarle la mano encima!

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