Black Friar sniper

Greetings everyone!

Today’s conversion is a request I was tasked to by Cachorro, an Infinity player who asked me some months ago. There’s a troop in Infinity called the Black Friar, who can carry either a MULTI rifle or a sniper rifle. However, the only miniature currently available is the one with the MULTI rifle:

Black Friar. Image from Corvus Belli’s online store.

Cachorro and I talked about which miniature could be the best base for what he had in mind, as the original miniature was not appealing to both of us. He finally chose the Nisse sniper, a quite iconic miniature from Infinity’s catalogue and that Cachorro was kind enough to have it sent to me:

Nisse sniper among PanOceania Starter Pack. Image from Corvus Belli’s online store

The changes I had to do where quite clear. I had to remove the Nisse typical trenchcoat and have it replaced by a cloack and tabard with a leather belt just like the Friar has. I also had to model the visor on the helmet and a hood over it. The first thing I did was the visor and the basis for the tabard:

This was just the base of what was to come.

Once the basis was dried, I finished the tabard, some parts of the chestplate, and I also smoothed the trench coat to turn it into the tunic/cloack he had to wear, and also the waist belt:

Tabards over high tech armors… Because rule of cool

And once the tabard dried, there was justo finishing the rest of the pieces of the armor, modelling the hood and mantle over his shoulders, and also finishing the belt:

Nothing gets out of his sight, as God (and his multispectral visor) guides his sight

And so, Cachorro became the proud owner of a Black Friar who could outshoot his opponents from afar without breaking a sweat. Cachorro, I hope that you send me pics of the miniature once you paint it! I’d like to upload them to the blog as well.

I hope you all enjoyed this conversion, and hope you get back next week for more conversions.

‘Till next time!

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