Custom Mini Origins (Part 2)

Greetings everyone!

Let’s get back to our journey through the memory lane with more or less fortune conversions I did years ago.

Mega Man X

Arround yer 1994 I played what became one of my favourite video game sagas, a game called Mega Man X for the SNES. During that time I only played Warhammer 40k, but I wanted to add X as one of my characters for my army (I even made some unbalanced rules for him, as my friends allways pointed out). I had some space marines lying out from the 3rd edition box, so I got to work. This is X from that game:Resultado de imagen de megaman x

And this is my (unfortunate) conversion:

Looking at this mini reminds me of a bad cosplay on any nerd convention…

As you can see, my technique was far from what I do nowadays. In fact, the helmet I used was one from a space marine that I hollowed using a hot iron and just melted the inner plastic… And as you can see, it ended poorly, but it couldn’t be expected anything else from a 11 year old kid, aint it?


Some years later, the guys at Capcom released the videogame Mega Man Zero for the Game Boy Advance, where the main character was Zero, X’s reploid pal a 100 years into the future after the events of the Mega Man X saga. It was 6 years since I last played a Mega Man game (I played those from the SNES, but skipped those for the PSX), but this game kindled again my passion for this type of games. And once again I had a thirst for having a Zero miniature to partner up with my X miniature. The aspect I based my mini in was the one used for the Game Boy Advance saga, as it was more stylized than the “too-blocky” original one:

Resultado de imagen de megaman zero

For this conversion I used both eldar and space marine spare bits, and I also used some greenstuff for modelling some pieces such as the hair or the helmet, as during that time I was already familiar with using that:

That was also my “corpse base decoration” fase. My friends always told me (rightly so) that I was overloading my bases

I still had to get better at proportions, but I had some great ideas here, like using the stick from a gravitic vehicle as the blade of the Z-saber, Zero’s most iconic weapon, and then paint it with clear crystal paint. I was overall satisfied with the results, and luckily for my friends I didn’t came up with rules for this character.

Valdor Eriadyss’Varion

Arround year 2007 I started playing a D&D 3.5 campaign with my high school friends, one that is still open nowadays (although it’s been 2 years since we last met to play). What this campaign had unique unless other ones we had, is that the DM let us use exotic races and really weird backgrounds. Our characters grew from our humble and extrange origins as level 1 adventurers, to powerful heroes capable of challenging the gods themselves. Mine was a red half-dragon humans more than 10 feet tall called Valdor Eriadyss’Varion, a warrior with innate dragon magic and self proclaimed “Lord of Fire” for his preference on using that element alone. Back in 2009 I drawed my character as I imagined it:

Yep, that’s a sword. The hilt was retractable so it coud be carried easily arround.

In time, my vision of the character shifted to a more draconic looking head, far away from the human head it started. As we played that campaign we got used to use minis for our combats, so I had to get a mini for Valdor, but I didn’t find any available that was good enough. At that time I was still not confortable modelling my own miniatures from scratch, so I had to look for some big miniature that was easy to convert to. The base miniature that I chose was this one:

Resultado de imagen de confrontation master of carnage

Master of Carnage. Image from Cadwallon’s online store

I had to change quite a lot of things for the miniature, such as modelling the whole armor, adding the wings and that huge sword, but the results where outstanding for me at that age:

And yep, the miniature is still not yet painted nowadays… The story of my life.

At that time I was really satisfied by how the wings turned out, but if I remade this mini today, I’d do things diferent.


And with this we reach the end of my old conversions. I decided to leave out of these articles other simplier conversions I did, as those were really just swapping pieces without much change to the overall aesthetics of the mini, but if you’re interested leave a comment here and I’ll do a third part.

I hope you all enjoyed it. See you all next week for more conversions.

‘Till next time!

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