About Custom Mini Workshop

About the blog:

Custom Mini Workshop is a blog dedicated to modeling and/or customization of models for many wargames. It is born as a gallery where I can show any project I do as an amatteur to this hobby, a windows where I can show each peace I complete.

In Custom Mini Workshop you can reed articles about finished peaces, tricks of the trade, tools and/or moddeling materials, and also other related articles. Updates every Tuesday.

About his autor:

Custom Mini Workshop has been created by Rafael Landete, also known as The Wanderer. I’ve an avid wargame player since I was 12, and back then I already had the urge to do little moddings to my miniatures, just to give my army more charisma. I first started with small pose changing, or adding some little details, but little by little I started to do full changes to my models, sometimes because the option I needed for my army was simply non-existant, and sometimes because I just liked mine better.

It was that urge what made me look for better tools and materials, honing my skills with modelling, although there are still lots to improve.

Legal disclaimer:

Custom Mini Workshop, copyright of Rafael Landete.  Comercial miniatures exposed on this blog belong to their respective manufacturers announced at their own articles. Custom Mini Workshop only claims ownership of its own original made miniatures, and also the customization made to comercial ones.

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