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From Punk to Vault Dweller (Part 2)

Greetings everyone! Here’s the final instalment of the conversion from female Ganger from Punkapocalyptic to male Vault Dweller from Fallout. Picking it up from last time, I finished modelling the hair and the upper...


Brute Legend

Greetings everyone! Here’s today a conversion I did for my partner Guillem for Punkapocalyptic, the pimpest skirmish wargame from our friends Badroll Games. Both my partner and me have recently purchased a miniature from...


Crazy Caflos & Jake

Greetings everyone! Keeping up with last week’s post, here’s another customization request from Caflos for his Ganger band for Punkapocalyptic, Badroll Games’ skirmish wargame. As you all know, Punkapocalyptic takes place on a post-apocalyptic...

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