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Aleph in the Shell (Part 6): Saito

Greetings everyone! I’m finally back with a new post for my conversions for the manga/anime Ghost in the Shell’s Section 9 to use them in my Aleph army for Infinity, the wargame from Corvus...


Sweet anniversary intermission

Hi everyone! Yesterday this blog had his first birthday, so happy birthday to everyone of you followers! Who would have told me that me fiddling with miniatures would take us such a long year....


Aleph in the Shell (Part 2): Batou

Hi everyone! This week we’ll keep up with Ghost in the Shell’s Section 9 for Infinity from Corvus Belli. Everyone who has seen the anime agrees that the most warring member of the team,...


Aleph in the Shell (Part 1): Motoko Kusanagi

Hi everyone! First and foremost… It’s Tuesday 13th! Here in Spain it is considered a bad luck day, so readers beware! (or, if you are the ones to take superstition upside down, go on...

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