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New scale Neko Oyama

Greetings everyone! Now that the dust has settled on the Kurage Crisis event, I’m back to my regular schedule. Here’s a conversion I did as a request for my pal Guillem. He’s recently taken...



Greetings everyone! Keeping up with last week’s theme, here’s another conversion for my friend Caflos for Infinity the game. As you already know, my friend wants his Japanese Secesionist Army (JSA) to look like...



Greetings everyone! Today’s post will have equal parts of nostalgia and fanservice. My friend Caflos has been thinking for a long time to get miniatures from Infinity’s Japanese Sectorial Army (now known as Japanese...


Alternative Ryukens

Greetings everyone! Today I’ll be showing you a conversion I did a while ago for Infinity, Corvus Belli’s sci-fi wargame. This request was commisioned by my local warcor (warcors are people in charge of...

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