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Female MK4 posthuman with HMG

Greetings everyone! Here’s another quick conversion I made for my Aleph army for Infinity the game that I did a while ago. In this case, this is another female MK4 Posthuman to accompany my...


Posthumans MK2 from Aleph

Greetings everyone! Today’s conversion is quite simple, and I was eager to do it for some time but time was not on my side. As you all know from previous entries, my Aleph army...


Female Aleph Posthumans: MK5

Hi everyone! Following up my previous post about Aleph’s Posthumans, this time I bring you my Proxy MK5 with twin SMG conversion. Since I set the goal on recreating both the MK4 and MK5...


Female Aleph Posthumans: MK4

Hi everyone! Reciently, Corvus Belli has unveiled the next generation of Posthuman miniatures for the Aleph army. Posthumans are human beings that decided to leave behind their mortal bodies, and fuse their minds with...

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